Monday, June 20, 2005



Missing...PDA...Missing poems...Missing time....Missing photos

The weirdest thing happened (- this is off the topic of anything except my life, btw). I ordered a PDA from Dell with various accessories because I'm trying to cut down the amount of stuff I travel with. So, it arrived on Friday - or rather, the accessories arrived, neatly in their little boxes but the PDA was missing. The 'TAMPER EVIDENCE' tape was torn open. Of course, I rang Dell and lodged my - what? Complaint? And they assured me someone would speak to me within two working days so I hope it will all be resolved, but how strange, huh?

And very disappointing.

On a writing note, I am adding some poems to my verse novel, His Name in Fire, on my editor's request. She thinks some of the narrative needs fleshing out more. Inwardly I fume - not at my editor - but at my own self. Why, oh why can't I turn in a perfect manuscript for once? Each time I think I'm a little closer to that goal, but each time I fall short. Which is, I know, why we need editors.

It's interesting though. One of the things she thinks is missing is enough background on the town. Now I lived in that town for about seven years all up, so I know it back to front. That's the problem - the town I know, I haven't described fully for the reader because I know it. It will be good to add the poems - I'm writing a few from two characters who haven't actually had poems written in their voices before, so I'll enjoy exploring those.

A couple of other people in Belgrave are also writing verse novels so we're planning to get together on a monthly basis and discuss them - that should open up some interesting ideas. The next one I want to tackle will be for the junior market - aimed at kids about 8 - 11/12. My specific reader is my youngest step-daughter - her guinea pigs feature in the story. This will be quite different for me as I have written poems for this age group and I can already see some of the challenges. How do you cut back the language of the poem and still make it a richly textured reading experience? Maybe you have to play with more formal considerations? I think this might be my main topic of conversation with my fellow verse-novellers at our first meeting.

I'm also joining a novel writer's group with people from the area. This area has an abundance of writers! Four of the people in the group - I think I'm right in this - have either had books published or under contract. I'm going to use this group to workshop my fantasy novel. More on that later.

Before I do any of this, I have to claim some writing time for myself. So far this term has been teaching, teaching, teaching and today is marking, marking, marking.

But with the renovations nearly finished, I'm more optimistic about next semester.

On the knitting front - it's Broadripple socks - see for the pattern. Mine are made from Opal with glitter - I can't work out to add photos to this yet, so you'll just have to be patient.

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Cath said...

Hi Catherine

Checked out your blog after hearing about it last night - enjoying it a lot - very funny too

glad to see you refer to the novel group - although I think you have overestimated out success rate considerably - who cares - its a good reputation to have


(from the Novel Group)