Sunday, July 10, 2005

Uh oh

Well here's a problem. This weekend is The Australian Sheep and Wool Show aka The Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show and it is also Continuum 3 So what is a spinning, knitting writer of speculative fiction and teacher of popular fiction to do? Particularly when I have a son who is keen on Dr. Who, Stargate, Robin Hobb, roleplaying and all things represented by Continuum 3?

My plan is to attend both. Yes, it can be done. It should be done! I shall drive to my mother's on Friday night after my daughter's tennis lesson. We shall go to Bendigo on Saturday. We shall stay at my mother's on Saturday night. We shall get up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, fill our bellies with warm porridge and head down to Continuum to arrive in time for Session Two, Fokk and Fairylore in Australia, a subject which has vexed me for some time.

It will be expensive, but we will do it. We will cut back on beautiful fleece and lucious rovings. We shall turn our backs on soft alpaca, enticing dyes and cashmere everything.

We shall not be tempted by books at either place. (Particularly since we're running out of bookshelf space anyway and there are still five boxes to unpack under the house...)

We can do it!

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