Monday, August 22, 2005

Home Again

Had a wonderful week in Freo. The Centre staff are extremely supportive, clued up and just plain wonderful. I did one of the Youth Literature Days workign with about seventy odd students and we did a new workshop, A Character in 6 Words, which was lots of fun. I also did a Master class with continuing students of the Youth Literature Days - some of those students have been coming to the Centre for two and three years, which is pretty extraordinary.

It's a shame we haven't anywhere quite like that in Melbourne. Perhaps the isolation of the West makes it work, or perhaps it is the sheer dedication of the Centre staff and Lesley Reece, the Director. It's a huge job, not only putting the programme and exhibitions in place, but also applying for funding to make sure everything keeps going. They do a fantastic job.

When I was there, the exhibition was David Miller's paper scultpures from the book, Refugees which was shortlisted in this year's CBCA awards. They are fantastic - I particularly loved the Shooting Gallery with the laughing clowns.

I managed to get a fair bit of writing done, which was a relief. Still don't have a title for the guinea pig. I should run a competition!

Congratulations to all the winners of the CBCA awards - it was terrific to see Tony Eaton and Jim Roy , fellow UQP writers, receive Honour Books as well as Steve Herrick, fellow verse-novelist. Check out the whole list here

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