Monday, September 12, 2005

The dripping Dandenongs indeed!

Okay, Mother, you win! Last night Keith found a yabby swimming around in the dogs' water bowl. A real, live yabby. The dogs weren't happy about it. They had their tongues lolling out to catch rainwater, rather that risk their tender little noses.

On the knitting front - I have made Helen a shrug. I love the pattern - it looks complicated (well, it only looks complicated to someone who doesn't knit) but it is quite simple. I love the yarn which is a mohair tubular yarn with silver flickering through it, even though the effect that this yarn gives is quite different to the one in the picture - a weightier feel, really, quite suited to our changeable Melbourne weather. Which also means that it is less bolero like and more shrug like - I think the softer mohair must block more to the front, if you follow me, whereas Helen's shrug pretty much stays on her shoulders and around her upper arms in true shrug style.

But, simple pattern and all, I had to frog nearly half of it because I had missed one of the decrease rows and done two increase rows in a row, if you know what I mean. Despite that I still love the pattern. I plan to make my step-daughter one, too, just in case she wants to wear it to the wedding.

I wish I could wear one, but it just looked plain weird on me. As Helen said, no Catty, you're just too old.

Sob sob sob

But I doubt that I'm too old for a doman sleeved bolero knitted in some stray Colinette I have lying around...


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