Thursday, December 01, 2005

Birdie walks, toasting forks...

Episode Five of the Enchanted Toasting Fork is up!

And I've been walking in Sherbrook Forest. Today I saw a swamp wallaby, two lyrebirds, one male and one female, several siver-eyes and a flame finch as well as the usual rosellas, king parrots, cockatooes and a kookaburra. The high point of this walk was meeting two members of the Sherbrook Forest Lyrebird Survey Group. Jan and Alex told me heaps about the local flora, pointed things out to me I would have otherwise missed and told me a lot about lyrebirds as well. They were both so well-informed it was wonderful - like having my own personal tour.

Came home and marked and then went to see The Constant Gardener which I thought was terrific. I heard Le Carre interviewed shortly after the book was released and the interview was marvellous - Le Carre was so passionate about the devastating role of pharmaceutical comapnies in the Third World. I'm pleased they made a movie out of the book - it will reach a wider audience. That's sad for a writer to admit.

It will be a poetry filled weekend with The Red Room on Saturday arvo, and the Montsalvat non-stop poetry and music festival on Sunday. Bring on the Vitamin tablets! I haven't been to Montsalvat for years, so I'm kind of looking forward to it in a masochistic way.

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