Sunday, March 19, 2006

School holidays

Last week was a week without children. But I had the guinea pig book to finish. It now has a title (insert drum roll) - Being Bee - thank heavens. I couldn't go on calling it the guinea pig for much longer.

This week is a week with children and I am going to start world building for my fantasy series. I have a list of questions to answer courtesy the generous Patricia Wrede which I shall go through. I have the first two chapters written but they need intense revision.

We are also going to head into town for some free Arts Festival activities courtesy the Commonwealth Games, have a popcorn and movie night and watch The Corpse Bride, among other dvds and then there is Helen's group's holiday get together on Wednesday which features mini-golf for them and lunch and book shopping for another parent and myself.

In between these frenetic activities I shall world build.

And knit. I'm making corckscrew scarves from Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop The Durham books is easy on the eyes but taxes the mind, however these scarves are proving very easy to make and I love them!

What made me happy last week, in the middle of the angst of rewriting Being Bee, were the following, borrowed from Belgrave Library:
Ructh Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires. I love the way she combines her personal life and her professional life as a food critic and cook to create food memoirs, this time complete with some recipes. Works for me.
Tamora Pierce, The Healing in the Vine from The Circle of Magic series.
Big Fish, Daniel Wallace.
Alice Walker, The Way Forward is with a Broken Heart - I'm not sure about that title.
Shoots, Leaves and Eats - a recipe book with the subtitle, 'Irresistible food from plot to plate'. I love the subtitle, but I'm not positive about the recipes, yet.
Tobia Wolfe, Short Stories
Jane Yolen, Sister Emily's Lightship and other stories.

I think I must be interested in short stoires at the moment.


Bronwyn G said...

You go treat yourself Catty.

Especially with the chocolate thing coming up at Burrinja.

Yay for the title goodness!

Cattyrox said...

ooh, yes, I forgot about the chocolate thing - yummy.

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