Sunday, June 25, 2006

Back for a moment...

Back from sunny Queensland. Drove to Trentham last night, brrr. Cold here! Now I'm off to Townsville in half an hour or so. Armed with lots of books because it's about five hours from take off to landing.

Queensland was great - caught up with friends, was lunched by UQP - thanks guys! And not only lunched, but we actually ate in the old Terrace Houses where I lived off an on for about five years. They turned it into business buildings in the early eighties, just before I left for Melbourne. Joseph Alexanders is the restaurant in what used to be House 6, Duncan Watson's old flat, just below my second flat in the Terrace Houses. So that was fitting and strange. I told Terrace Houses stories and the waiter apologised for hanging around, eavesdropping!

That was with Leonie, Madonna, Taressa and Keth. The meals were superb and the deserts were works of art.

That same night we went on to a Tapas Bar and met up with Clare (my supervisor), Kerry, another academic and Leonie again. We drank some more, ate delicious tapas - I'm sold on that idea! Going to introduce them to family life. Going to buy a good tapas recipe book...and talked books. (Leonie looked after Keith - which was a good thing, because he was feeling a little booked-out by then.)

We also went to Noosa, walked through the State Park there and drank champagne on Alexander Beach (with Leonie and Marcus, drifted down to Southgate and admired the entire length of the Arts precinct there and the wonderful kitsch fake beach and lagoon - which the children would have just loved. We dropped into the Queensland Art Gallery - which is my favourite art gallery on the Eastern coast - I love architecture - those solid low slabs of sandstone like some Mayan structure, the airiness of the inside, the great pools of water. It's just terrific.

I also managed to go to the only wool shop in Brisbane! Woot woot! Bought some Noro Blossom, some NZ boucle in pinks for a pressie scarf and some German cotton sock yarn.

Ooops, my mother is telling me to get ready to drive the airport. She is determined I won't be late this time!

Townsville, here I come!


Gregory Brett Hardy said...

You know, I used to live on the Sunshine Coast andI think Noosa is one of the most beautiful places in this country. Hope you enjoyed it.

Chuggles said...

Hooray for mothers! What would we do without them?