Sunday, June 11, 2006


As in the rainy stuff, not hail fellow, well met! The Accountant and I walked in Sherbrook Forest today and it hailed. But only briefly. We saw yellow-breasted robins, one of those funny tree creepers and lovely flitting fairy wrens. No lyre birds, no wallabies.

I'm knitting Colinette yarn into a beeeyootiful scarf that will make me smile every time I wear it.

I'm also packing packing packing - it seems to take me three times longer than anyone else to actually get everything together in the one place and then into the suitcase. Then I unpack a few times just to make sure everything is there. Then I add books to the books, because you never know. Then I throw in another knitting project or three. On the grounds that the books might not be that great. Then I add another book, in case the knitting isn't that good. Then I unpack to make sure that the top that goes with that skirt is actually there. Then I check for the skirt.

Really, all I want to do is sit and knit my Colinette scarf. Oh, and Anti-Blogger? I did need that extra skein. I think I made the scarf too wide initially. Anyway, I found an extra skein of Shimmer at Sunspun, so bought that, pulled out the entire scarf and have started again, skinnier this time.

Plus we ordered the extra yarn for The Accountant's jumper. This is to replace his ratty work jumper which unravels a little more every time he puts it on. He was very distressed to find moth holes in a jumper he bought in Scotland - oh, fifteen years ago. What is with men and their elderly jumpers? The jumper is actually older than his eldest child, didn't he expect a little wear and tear?

Got to go and clean the fishtank.

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Gregory Brett Hardy said...


Sometimes, when you talk about knitting, you seem like the Kindly Grandmother, and it confuses me because I know you are, in fact, the Cool Hippie Writing Teacher.

Decide what you want to be! And... hope that Aladiar's not a father, because then you'll be forced into an archetype prematurely.

Sorry for the concern that last paragraph has undoubtedly put on you as regards Alasdair...