Thursday, July 06, 2006

Socks, socks, socks

I'm knitting socks. I think this is a desperate bid to use up all the sock yarn I've accumulated on ebay so I can justify buying more. But it is also because I've learnt how to do them on two circs. and that has made them just so much less fiddly. I love doing them this way. Go Cat Bordhi! (Which is where I learnt to do it, though there may well be other sock mentors out there...)

Started back teaching at TAFE again. We watched Lantana in scriptwriting this week. It's amazing - I misremembered the end of that movie completely. It's a very good movie, very grown-up Australian movie. I keep thinking I'll leave GippsTAFE - the travel sometimes just messes me around, but in the end I hang on there because of the students, their enthusiasm and talent. Today, as part of Myth and Symbolism, we read Shaun Tan's The Red Tree, and those students who had done picture book writing with me automatically went to sit on the floor - that's what I really love - when something you've initiated is remembered with some affection - whether it's a ritual or a writing exercise or even a writer or piece of writing you've introduced. That what keeps me teaching creative writing. (If you haven't read The Red Tree, do - it's really a beautiful book.)

Now I must spend the weekend on my thesis - I'm slowly collecting ideas. It is slow, but then knitting socks is slow too. Which is more useful I wonder? A thesis or a pair of handknitted socks. There is no good answer to this question. It's a bit like that old one 'do you still beat your wife'.

Stay tuned for photos of socks, fish tanks, the Cappucino vest...coming soon!


M-H said...

That's the evening dilemma: shall I knit or shall I read something thought-provoking for the thesis? How to balance one pleasure against the other? Eternal questions, no answers. Looking forward to the pictures.

Chuggles said...

I love the times when we sit and listen to you read, Catherine. It's cool. I really love that Red Tree, as well. Good book. A lot of the books we read in Writing for Children were amazing.

Gregory Brett Hardy said...

That Red Tree was something else, wasn't it? I'm amazed at how much one artist/author has fit into a book thinner than my pinkie. Stunning.

But, if you plan to use that book for our little review comp, Catherine, I'm going to claim that you cheated.

When is that starting by the way? We really must organise that.

mav_ian said...

The Red Tree is an amazing book.

AnJaka said...

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