Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brisbane, beautiful Brisbane

At the tailend of the Brisbane Writers' Festival - I've done most of my sessions now and have only a workshop to do this arvo at Indroopilly Library. It's been a great festival - everyone I spoke to has felt really well looked after, thus reducing our normal paronia and trepidation, I think.

Personal highlights for me would have to include Terri Jenke singing and Anita Heiss doing a rap. Brilliant. Also the UQP soiree which was just such a lovely idea, although I (and everyone) missed Leonie, who is on long-service leave. The poetry reading in the Red Chamber of Parliament House was also pretty special - it's just such a lovely venue. David Rowbottom read last night - he is now 82 and read three measured, translucent poems, one of which I particularly loved. I felt priveleged to read in the same programme.

I'm not quite resisting the temptation to buy books - it's so hard when the bookshop marquee is just right next to the coffee marquee but the thought of lugging my bag on to the Airport train is a small disincentive.

Of course, I bought my knitting with me. And, of course, I have done none. Maybe tonight? It's the Flower Basket Shawl, though, and I really really need to concentrate. I don't get why the little markers that I've tried to use for the repeats don't seem to be working. It's frustrating and confusing!If anyone has any ideas on the subject, please help!

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