Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Merry Happy Happy

Merry Christmas everyone! Yesterday we tootled up to Trentham and had Christmas lunch with my mother - free range turkey cooked beautifully in the Weber barbeque the night before and a cous cous salad with roast pumpkin, pine nuts, rocket, capsicum and cucumber.

Then we went to Pauline's traditional Christmas Eve barbeque and milled around with her extended family for a couple of hours, admiring the new babies, Scarlett and Saskia - who are both very beautiful!

Today we'll go to Keith's sister's and have the traditional big Christmas lunch. But it's so cold, I'm sitting here dithering because I don't know what to wear! How weird is that after all the heat. The other funny thing is that the Christmas poems this year were all summer haiku! Helen did 'Summer' on the front of them in Japanese calligraphy and then I wrote four summer haiku - ha! This was back on those days when you broke out into a sweat picking up a cup of tea! How funny - now everyone will read them to the sound of the rain coming down.

Have a safe, happy and restful festive season, everyone. Don't forget to make a wish on your christmas cake!

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Carmsmars said...

My wish is for a fun and quick holiday season. probably won't come true because I forgot the Cake.

Next year?