Saturday, March 17, 2007

No More Mouse

When the Anti-Blogger turned up at my door and shrieked about my hair being mouse brown and what had happened! I knew it was time to do something about it. So I organised to stay with my friend Maureen and made a hair appointment with the Hair and Beauty people at GippsTAFE. I love the Hair and Beauty Department - it's the only place where everyone will stop working to admire the new toner from Schwarkopf which is a mixture of beige and violet.

So I waltzed in there at approximately 1.20 mouse brown, with a heavy fringe (not my fault!) and heavy hair. At 4.10 I sauntered out, my fringe pulled to the left to defeat my annoying cowlick (why, in all the years I've worried about my hair did no-one ever suggest I part it on the OTHER side. What was wrong with me that I never did? Good heavens, it's not rocket science, is it?) much blonder and with shorter layered hair - thinner hair as the Anti-blogger would say. Bec, who looked after me, was a wonder - and one of those rare hairdressers who actually do take control. That she's probably only an apprentice adds to my awe.

The Accountant keeps laughing at me because I've gone from such a serious BROWN look to blonde insouciance. Ha! I blame French feminist theory. Jouissance, plaisir - joie de les cheveaux!


M-H said...

Photos! Your public demands it! Get The Accountant to do the honours. You owe him one.

Cattyrox said...

That is very true - I'm working on it. My people are working on it. Also on the shot of le slouch as worn with l'opera - damn, I've forgotten the French for gloves...they're from Italian yarn, anyway - bought back by the Anti Blogger! (And what a great choice it was, too!!)