Monday, June 25, 2007

Last week of the term

and I'm surrounded by marking, trying to work out what I'm teaching next semester and how to teach it. On Saturday the kids and I fly to Sydney to visit my mother, we fly home again in time to blitz the house and welcome our German exchange student. In the meantime I feel as though I'm drowning in a sea of other people's expectations, demandes, wants and needs. The dogs need to be walked, the girlchild needs this, the youngest girlie needs this, the manchild is grumpy...everyone needs endless supplies of food. I need to mark and mark. Grrr. Still, counting down, counting down....

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Anonymous said...

Errr...Your life is starting to sound like mine. Cheer up...Take a deep breath, two swigs of red wine, and you'll be fine.

P.S. ewan says hello.