Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Woot! Woot!

I love getting different American covers for my books - it's always such a great surprise. Holiday House have published Being Bee - it isn't out yet but UQP have just receieved advance copies and you can see the cover here. It peeves me that I can't paste the picture into the blog - I wonder why I can't do that?

I just need a bit of extra time to sort that kind of thing out - now when I will get that!

It's a great cover, though, and the book has received a fabulous advance review from Kirkus Review.

Knitting news? I'm making a very simple triangular shawl from Jo Sharp kidmohair. I was going to make a fabulous lace shawl but you could hardly see the pattern so it didn't seem worth it. I'll edge it with something exciting, if nothing else. It's good to watch it growing quickly at least and it's a good thing to do in Children's Book Week which can seem a little frantic, so knitting is very soothing while watching old episodes of West Wing (from ACMI).

Today is cleaning and cooking day. So far I've done no cooking, but a considerable amount of maintenance cleaning. No exciting cleaning when you decide to move furniture around, or rearrange books or wool stashes. Which is probably a good thing since the last time I 'cleaned' out my wool stash, Angi our German exchange student took photographs after ascertaining three times that I really did consider that surrounding myself with bagfuls of balls of yarn did actually count as cleaning. Still, I have changed the blotting paper on my desk - and probably lost some important passwords as a result...

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Anonymous said...

You're right...it is a great cover. I think it gives Bee, more attitude...personality.
Congratulations again.