Monday, September 24, 2007

Holidays - yay!

First real day of the holidays - had breakfast on the deck even though it was cold. Tried to get my ipod working on the pc but to no avail - the one usb port that was working yesterday wasn't working today. How odd. This has been extremely frustrating all round. My laptop, running Ubuntu, doesn't want to deal with the ipod at all - I've posted messages to ubuntu beginner's forum and received quite detailed advice about a software programme called Amorak and another, gtkpod. But while the latter worked until Alasdair attempted to get the songs in some kind of playlist order, Amorak refuses to configure the media device and gtk pod hasn't worked since Al's foray into order.

However Sarah, from next-door, loaded it up on the pc last night - and that worked - except that it synched all the kids' music too - so I have a host of music on it that I wouldn't listen to in a pink fit. Which I want to get off it, of course. But can't because of the stupid usb port. Honestly - you think you've got this computer stuff beaten but you just don't. Ever.

After all that, Keith and I drove the girls and Annicka from across the road to go rollerblading. Then we went off and bought big pots for some plants up the front.

Last night we celebrated the beginning of the holidays by having Laura, Dimi, Jamie and Sharon (our next door neighbours on both sides) and their kids around for a barbeque. It was a good night. It's one of the things I do love about living in Dalkeith Crescent, that our neighbours are so - neighbourly.

I made a pea dip which I've just discovered in a book by Mollie Kazen - even the girlchild who hates peas eat this. It's very simple - peas, coriander, lemon juice, a splash of oil and a bit of chilli. I added an avacado last night. It's this beautiful green - very spring-y.

I decided to read all the Harry Potter books while I've got the huge teaching hours - I decided they'd be nicely escapist. But I just missed out on the first five on ebay. Oh well. I should borrow them, rather than try to buy them anyway. Might ask Annicka.

Off to walk the dogs now. I love the beginning of spring - slightly longer days, warmer weather. Good for dog-walking!

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