Monday, September 03, 2007

Melbourne Writer's Festival

I attended on Thursday with some of my Gippstafe students - heard Keith Thompson talk about scriptwriting and found that very inspiring. Particularly his comments on film scripts being written in the present while t.v. dramas are mainly written in the past. I don't why that resonated with me, but it certainly did. I now long to write a script, of course. And won't be truly happy until I have a go?

But of course before I can do anything like that I have to finish the poetry manuscript and also The Wish Pony - the latter has been stalled by lack of time, but that will change now that Children's book week is over. Much as I love going out and talking to schools and meeting people and running workshops - definitely a favourite! - it's also nice when it's over and I can retreat to my desk with it's view of the ferns and the birds.

I bought some books at the Festival - I bought two Peter Temple novels, short stories by Tony Birch and Dave Eggers and Robert Adamson's book of poetry and the Penguin Rumi. Really I felt that was quite responsible of me.

Knitting? A shawl. It's spring time after all. Except for today which was really really cold.

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Gregory Brett Hardy said...

Yes, very responsible indeed. I did not show the same restraint today: my sister has her first baby in about three and a half months and I spent about $140 dollars on picture books today. For the baby, of course. The hardest thing i the world is buying neutral-sex picture books while still maintaining quality.