Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's official

the camping adventure for 2008 is at Tathra. As usual, at the first mention of the annual camping trip I screwed up my face in a most unattractive way and started to whinge. However, when I checked out Tathra on the 'net, I changed my mind. Looks beautiful.

I hope to have mastered the whole ipod audio book thing by then.

I also hope to have knitted my mitred square cotton shawl - although it would actually make rather lovely camp knitting.

The Accountant and I walked the dogs at Birdsland today and bought some new little plants from the Community Nursery there, which we've just planted. It's been a beautiful day - real gardening weather. I can't wait for all our vegies and herbs to grow - the thyme out on the deck has been a delicious addition to carmelised onion and gruyere tart and to my chicken terrine. I wander up the front and stare at the vegie plot and will them all to grow more quickly!

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