Monday, February 11, 2008

all this nesting....

is getting a little too much! Yesterday went through my wool stash and stuck a lot of it in plastic bags inside the cane baskets, snipped samples and wrote the name of the yarn, yardage etc. on luggage labels so I can fasten those to the outside of the basket and therefore have an easily accessible record of what's inside. The stash is glorious - very inviting and tempting. Why, oh why, am I stuck on socks? I want berets and scarves and cardies. I want vests and gilets and tunics. I want jumpers, ganseys and arans. I want shawls, wraps and stoles. I even want their little sisters, scarves. Why am I still on socks?

Teaching tonight and read some of Natalie Goldberg's book, thunder and Lightning out to the students. I miss writing practise. I should go back to that. Make a resolution. Another resolution. But it was so much fun when I did it regularly.

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