Thursday, July 03, 2008


Remember that little grubby bit of metal - now beaten, polished and worn! This piece taught me annealing, bending, soldering and beating. I like the curvy-shaped clasp bit and if I was to make another one - which I am thinking of doing for the girlchild (but maybe copper?) I'd try to make more of those lovely s shapes. Soldering was tricky - three of my pieces came unsoldered once they were beaten.

Currently looking at buying a torch for home use and setting myself up a little jewellery workstation. But before any of that happens we have our fourth (and final) exchange student arriving on Saturday. He's not really an exchange student - I exaggerate - he's the German cousin of my publisher's husband and she's shipping him off to experience Melbourne for a week or so. He'll be going to the Grand Mothership's place for a couple of days - some combo of me and the kids will go to Trentham to unpack boxes that arrived from Sydney and reaquaint ourselves with all the stuff we saved from Willoughby. Gulp.

Trentham has great benches in the shed - where Bob had his studio. It would be an excellent place for a jewellery studio. I did break that to the Grand Mothership and she agreed. Foolish but wonderful woman.
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Polly said...

hey Catty - gorgeous! It really suits your style too! I decided against the silversmithing course at NMIT (was warned that it would probably be too much for my shoulders) so I'm just having a little go to start with - 3 Saturdays at Monash starting in a fortnight.
I'll call this week.