Saturday, August 23, 2008

The LAN party

This is my night - five teenage menboys sitting around their computers (all lugged over by whatever means) playing some kind of networked killing game. The eavesdropped dialogue is funny and sometimes quite sharp:
'Damn you and your juggernaut'
'Oh come on, I was going to knife you!'
'Thank you for dying, not many people have that courtesy.'
'I love it when I'm walking through the explosions and not dying.'
'Come third and you're sort of awesome.'

All I've done for this momentous event is to burn sausages and apologise for the lack of vegetable matter. They didn't care about the vegies. I suppose corn chips have some vegetable matter, right? This is all because the boyman turns seventeen tomorrow. Tomorrow! Seventeen! No wonder I'm feeling old and frail.
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