Sunday, August 10, 2008

Snow at Olinda


We had to pick the manboy up today at a friend's house in Olinda. As it snowed briefly in Belgrav we knew it would be snowing in Olinda. Admittedly the Belgrave snow was kind of melt-in-the-air-snow but Olinda is higher. The Accountant was concerned and even more so when we went to a local hardware store and the dude behind the counter shook his head and talkeda bout road blocks.

Nonetheless we headed to Olinda. There was snow at Kallista. The Accountant muttered about snow chains. Cars coming down from Olinda had ice on their bonnets.

Olinda was beautiful! The Accountant mellowed. We missed the turning point to the manboy's friend's place but we rang him and he walked in and we walked up and then we threw snowballs at each other. By the time we got back to the car my hands were so cold I longed for some kind of mittens. But my hand-knitted socks and my purple Docs kept my feet warm and dry.

I came home and spun some Sunshine and Czar with English Leciester. (Sunshine and Czar are the Bayards' two samoyeds.) I am not an expert spinner and my yarn is always texturally interesting. I am really enjoying Sunshine and Czar, however, because of the softness and loft they bring to the English Leciester which is essentially a sock yarn.

Once I've finished enough for a mystery hello-Germany pressie for the younger Bayard who goes on exchange soon, I intend to mix them with a very soft merino roving I bought from the Spinners and Weavers. Then I shall microwave dye the yarn. Some of this will be for another ward-off-the-snow-in-Schwerin pressie but there'll probably be enough for a Shetland shawl, too.

I must say that now I've spun fur from those dogs I watch the state of their coats with vested interest!
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