Friday, October 03, 2008

New book started!

What a lovely feeling to write Chapter One across a blank screen and begin a new book! The journal for this one is one of those Moleskin exercise books - the ones with plain brown wrappers. I'll decorate it, though - the girlchild came home from her student exchange to Japan yesterday with exciting and wonderful presents - including an oragami set of kimono-ed Japanese dolls to make. There were no instructions, but I managed an okay approximation of the one included in the pack. I've worked out a way to get that into my story so she will be gracing the notebook cover.

I always keep a journal for each novel I write. It's a way of both recording the progress of the book and writing pieces of it when I'm away from a computer. I also use the notebook to record any research I might do for the novel. I've always loved keeping journals - it was reading Anais Nin and Virginia Woolf's journals in my mid-teens.

If you've already written Chapter One and continued through to The End, you might be intereseted in checking this out.

Also The Word Tree flowers again this Saturday, featuring Judith Rodriguez. Lucky door prizes, an open section, good company, coffee and cake - what more can you want from a Saturday arvo?

When: Saturday 3 October from 3.00pm
Where: Burrinja Carfe, 351 Glenfern Toard (cnr. Matson Drive)
$3.00 conc/$5.00

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