Thursday, November 13, 2008

New course @ Box Hill Tafe

I'm delighted to announce that Box Hill Tafe is offering a new course through our Professional Writing and Editing programme. Actually, it's not really a new course, but the way we are offering it is completely new.

It's the Advanced Novel course which we'll be running as a Fee for Service mentoring programme. What this means is that second year students with a specific writing project in mind can enrol and receive specialised mentoring according to their individual nees. So, for example, if you're considering putting together a collection of poetry for possible publication or submission to a New Poet's publishing programme or competition, you'd be able to enrol in the Advanced Novel and work primarily with either Earl Livings or myself, on that collection. You'd see other tutors, too, of course, and have the opportunity to workshop your work. If you are working on a memoir or writing for radio or performance, you'd be working primarily with Elly Varrenti, but have access to the other tutors and regular workshops with other students. Other tutors are Nadine Cresswell-Myatt, who's specialty is journalistic non-fiction and Euan Mitchell who writes young adult fiction and is the self-publishing guru. I'd also be available to work with novelists, anyone interested in writing for children, including picture books, and - a rare breed - verse novelists!

This is the first time any TAFE in Victoria has offered this subject in this way and I'm delighted! It gives us a chance to work with and offer something more to high-achieving, ambitious and dedicated writing students. Doesn't get much better than that.

Of course, you don't have to be a Box Hill student to apply - so if you're interested, give Box Hill PWE department a call 03)9286 9766.


carmsmars said...

Hi Catherine
It wouldn't happen to be online at all would it?

Cattyrox said...

Hi Carmel,
No, I'm afraid not. It's an evening course.