Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, we evacuated on Monday evening - practically our whole street did, which was kind of weird. We came home at around midnight and most of the street was still away. Things have quietened down now, however, and I feel - after spending a week in Townsville as a writer in residency and both the tafe courses beginning - that I should be settling down to do some normal writing.

I made a start back on the novel on Monday but, of course, it was interrupted by constant checking on the cfa website and abc radio. But at least it was a start. My plan is to try to work more in the evenings, if I can. Just to get some kind of consistency going. I lack consistency. At TAFE a colleague came up with this wonderful document in which you outline your objectives over the year. I can't remember exactly who put this together - so I can't direct anyone to it, but I did find it useful.

The main two questions that I found were interesting were:
How can you make these objectives happen?
If you achieve your objectives, how will your writing life be altered? (Or what will be gained, maybe.)

Think about your writing objectives for this year. Write a list and then answer those two questions. Sometimes writing this kind of thing down helps you achieve it.

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