Monday, May 25, 2009

Being sick and the Word Tree

What I like about being sick - and I wouldn't have thought this a few years ago - is that it gives you time to think about things in guilt-free downtime. I've been thinking and it's time that some things were dramatically changed casa bateson-chisholm. The new moon is in Gemini, a good time for change.

On the writing front - worked on some pieces for the Rapunzel project I'm doing with Matt Ottley. It's looking good! Plus had some good ideas for some other stuff.

On the Word Tree front - we have Grant Caldwell at the Word Tree, 6th June at 3.00pm. Usual limited open session. Burrinja Gallery Cafe, cnf. Glenfern & Matson Roads, $5.00 & $3.00. Should be great - I love hearing Grant read and I haven't heard him for ages, so I'm looking forward to it already.

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