Monday, July 27, 2009


Helen gave me a lovely rebound journal for my birthday. It uses the cover from an old book - I know we used to sell them in Lloyds! - Moderen Narrative Poetry compiled by B. W. Rose and R. S Jones. She gave it to me specifically so I could record the poems I'm learning - I'm doing this in a mixture of writing them out and sticking in photocopies.

Interestingly, though I tend to be a visual learner - that is, I can 'see' the poem on the page in my mind's eye, when I'm reciting it - I don't learn the linebreaks! Or the punctuation. It's interesting to write the poems out - you pick up any errors in your memorising - hopefully before they become ingrained!

Have to find a poem for this week - last week was Lorna Crozier's 'Poem for a Hard Time' and then, because it was short, I added Mary Oliver's 'The Mocking Birds'. Not my favourite Oliver poem, but a good one, nonetheless.

I shall go and check out my bookcase now because I want to walk the dogs early, in case it rains. Though I must say the sky is clearing up a little. I've got a busy day today - online work and also have to move on with the Little Mermaid poems - deadline looming!

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