Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday Foxtrot

by Rita Dove will be my next learn-by-heart poem. I've been a bit slack in not learning a poem a week lately, but I've decided it's my Capricorn Rising that craves all these rules about how to live, and I should take heed of my Leo Sun more often and let the rules go, without any accompanying guilt.

Highlights of the week? Hmm. A trip to the Sassafrass wool shop for baby wool to make one of the boyman's long suffering teachers something for her baby. I got gorgeous yarn - ope it will make up for the boy's reluctance to push himself!

Schnitzel night - I've decided Thursday schnitzel life is a little lifesaving break in the week's cooking.

Reading Barbara Pym's Jane and Prudence. I used to love Pym's sly observations of the English vicarage when I was in my twenties and the magic is still there! I read so many in those years that I was certain I'd read them all, but I hadn't. How delicious it was!

Staff meeting at Gippstafe - how bizarre to claim a staff meeting as a week's highlight, but it was. I like that drive now I do it rarely and it was terrific to catch up with my colleagues. The downside of online teaching is the isolation, but the upside is the flexibility. Right now I need flexibility more than collegiality.

Finishing the back of the Beth Jacket - the yarn is so pretty - I love the pale speckled blue with the dark grey. It works.

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