Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Eighteenth Century meets Twilight

An interesting, thought-provoking article on Twilight and it's relationship to Richardson's novel of 1740, Pamela. Of particular interest, I think, to anyone writing or thinking of writing a Cinderella love story. I admit I haven't read the fourth Twilight book. I barely made it through the second and third - boring, anyone? All that non-action was a bit yawn-making. I was cheering for the werewolf myself. I mean, come on, Edward was such a nice boy - no problem introducing him to your parents. You'd know he'd mind his manners and not bite anyone over dinner. Jacob, on the other hand, was a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. And didn't he ride a motorbike? What more do you want. Okay, bit too much facial hair from time to time but better than sparkles anytime. I want to be the one sparkling, not my deb partner! I digress. Read the article.

Don't forget the book launch, people - this Sunday, 3.00 - 5.-- pm at La Mama Theatre, 205 Faraday Street, Carlton. Aileen Kelly will be launching my new poetry collection, Marriage for Beginners. Hope to see you there.


Chloe said...

Hello Catherine

Well good luck on your book/poetry luanch. I love your books. i have read 2 and a half of your books and have so far loved them all. I have read the wish pony, megenta mcphee and half way tourgh being bee thanks
ps are there any more books coming out???

Cattyrox said...

Thanks Chloe. Having a launch is like having a party - you worry no one will turn up, then people do and you have a great time. I'm still at the worrying stage!

I will have another book out next September - seems a long way away, doesn't it? But, look out for Mimi and the Blue Slave then.