Monday, January 18, 2010

Home Alone - Part One

The Accountant, his youngest daughter and my daughter are all away on the Great Camping Adventure, leaving me, the manboy and the dogs to fend for ourselves.

I was determined to get the carpets cleaned while The Accountant drove off into mid-day so the manboy and I hired a Superior Cleaning Device from the Supermarket and proceeded to spend four and a half hours on Saturday in domestic labour. After that, I joined the ladies of the Crescent in a girlie night at the movies - we saw Mao's Last Dancer at the Berwick outside cinema. It rained, but not enough to put us off. We merely put up our picnic blankets and huddled beneath them.

On Sunday I went to Camberwell market and then the Arts Centre market - two of my favourite kind of restorative places to be. I had coffee at Brunetti's and a yummy smoked salmon roll which reminded me that I wanted to find a way of making labneh while The Accountant was away. I bought Things at Camberwell market - good things that went cheaply. I spent some of my Christmas money at the Arts Centre market and was Very Happy.

Last night we entertained the Girlfriend - who ate tacos sans chilli, but with cheese and lettuce. And it rained.

Today I went to a dentist appointment - which was Brave. I finished making my labneh which will be Delicious. The manboy cooked chocochip cookies. I Worked for My Living. I accomplished more than I expected, which is always a Good Thing.

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