Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy birthday

to the man-boy. A big curry night was planned and executed. Man-boy cooked beef vindaloo and lamb korma, I cooked butter chicken and a generic beef curry and we ordered in tandoori platters, dahl and vegetable kofta. Delicious. Queen of the Cupcakes made chocolate cupcakes and the Boyfriend and Girlfriend turned up along with the Witchgirl (meant affectionately, by the way - lest anyone think I am a wicked fairytale step-mother)and Surfiegirl and Surfiegirl's Boyfriend, too. The Accountant nearly had a nervous breakdown because it hailed and he claimed one more downfall and he'd need snowchains on the Wreck in order to get to the supermarket, but, after the first onslaught, the hail stayed away so the snow chains were not needed.

Due to some over-catering we are probably fine to feed the masses - which is always a good thing!

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