Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sneaking in a post before the New Year

Christmas is a trying time for most people, I think. All that over-consumption, economic stress, family stress and time stress. At the end of it, every year, I say I'll do hand-made presents and sometimes I manage one or two. This year I was a little kinder on myself and grouped my presents primarily into about four categories: handmade, anything which promoted creativity, books and tickets to events. (I think the Accountant's mobile phone falls under Other...)

Now, I've entered my New Year preparations - done quite a lot of house-cleaning, made some resolutions, shucked off some burdens. I much prefer New Year to Christmas, the significance of which disipates when one lives with atheists. The New Year, on the other hand, is huge. It's a time to assess and set new guidelines for the year ahead.

I'm tackling this year month by month and January is my month of sustainability. Watch this space...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,
Chloe my 12 year old daughter wants to know if you have any more novels coming out for her age group. Her favourite is Millie.
hope to hear from you soon.