Monday, February 14, 2011

Gala night of story telling

I was at the Wheeler Centre for their gala night of storytelling. A good - if somewhat chaotic - evening. The Town Hall was packed and event organisers weren't on the ball about disabled access - sending some poor soul up to the balcony despite the fact she was on crutches. There was no need, either, as there were seats available downstairs. Needless to say the event started about twenty minutes late and therefore finished forty minutes late.

However there were some great moments - Yannick Haenel's moving story about war, families and silence was poignant and beautifully crafted, Sonya Hartnett, in contrast, told a funny story about telling stories and childhood and Murong Xeucun, the Chinese writer, recounted an almost fairy-tale story of ingenuity and greed.

Well worth keeping an eye on events at The Wheeler Centre - alas, Terry Pratchett is already booked out, even though it's an April event!

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