Sunday, March 06, 2011

Martha Wainwright at Meeniyan

What a fabulous night! Martha Wainwright sang Piaf songs and some of her own. The acoustics were great, the venue was terrific and the company excellent. It was such a great weekend! First up, the Koonwarra farmer's market where we bought organic vegies, freerange pork, Hope Farm bread and some glorious garlic. Then we headed out to the Koonwarra cottages where we put together lunch, sat in the sun on the verandah with the resident cat - an old baggy cat called Scat. I knitted on my sock - I'm going to love these socks this winter - they're such pretty colours. Later, when everyone else had arrived, we cooked dinner together and then drove into the Meeniyan Town Hall which was decked out with tables and gingham tablecloths and packed to the rafters.

No wonder - Martha Wainwright was wonderful! What a voice - and what a lovely lovely place to hear her sing. It was one of those perfect nights - the only moment of imperfection was learning that they had sold out of cds some two nights ago. I shall have to track them down elsewhere.

Then today - after a delicious breakfast - the Accountant and I drove to Venus Bay - beautiful!

And we arrived home in time to air the house out in this balmy weather.

It doesn't get much better than, folks. 

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