Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuesday poem - highway haiku by Catherine Bateson

Purgatory Creek
Poisonwaterhole Creek -
highway history.

On the road, having been to the Byron Bay Bluesfest. Five days of music, talking with my ex-publisher about the impact of e-readers on both the publishing and bookshop industry, eating freshly caught fish (thanks Marcus!) and other treats.

For the record, I am a complete Bob Dylan fan. I grew up with Bob Dylan. Planetwaves was one of the first 'grown up' records I ever owned. I've gathered most of his albums over the year, including the three cd bootleg set. His lyrics wove their way into my life, as Cohen's did. But he performed badly at Byron. He did the worst versions of 'Don't Think Twice It's All Right' and - one of my favourite Dylan songs - 'Tangled Up in Blue' that I have ever heard. I left after four songs and saw Jethro Tull. They were fantastic.

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