Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tuesday Poem - 'That Cat' by Catherine Bateson

That Cat

Leggy catwalk gait,
chocolate wedge face,
eyes as round as smarties -
the new cat is Naomi.
Forget that she was found in a box
on the Calder Highway,
she’s checked into our hotel now;
orders room service
practises photo opportunities with the dog
tells me in her bossiest voice
to get rid of those Blundstones
and buy some proper shoes -
Viv Westwoods  -
so she can feel at home in my wardrobe.
She sits on the ironing board
criticises my technique.
That cat, we say, kicking her out of cupboards,
off benches, another broken vase. That cat,
adding her cryptic notes to my emails,
scratching my favourite jumper into her shape.

Like living with a view of the harbour
or your own Picasso,
that cat.

An old poem written about my Burmese cat, Java. Alas, in the Hills with all our bird life; King Parrots, Rosellas, the occasional flock of Lorikeets, the odd dozey galah, not to mention Tawny Frogmouths, wrens and honeyeaters I couldn't have a cat with any kind of clear conscience. 

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Mary McCallum said...

Love it! Catty - that book is on its way today. I am a useless poster of things - how many times I've carried it down to the shops to bring it home again. But today, today...

Cattyrox said...

Thanks Mary - don't worry - I'm patient!