Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Other stuff...

The Accountant and I stayed at Airey's Inlet for the book launch of The Wicked Wood, Tales from the Tower Volume 2 and had breakfast the next day at A La Grecque, where I had the best baked beans I've ever had, so good, I bought the cookbook. Oh dear, so much for frugality! I have a new rule, however, that whenever I buy a new cookbook or a new cooking magazine slides into the letter box, I must must must cook something from it pronto presto.

So, tonight we ate silvebeet cooked with walnuts and gorgonzola from the A La Grecque cookbook. It was delicious. Okay, the manboy thought it a little too blue-cheesy and the wildchild left the walnuts but The Accountant and I scoffed it down with rice and a veggie stew with fresh herbs. The silverbeet was from my mother's garden as were the herbs.

I have been felting - but I haven't taken any photos yet. It's amazing to place fibres down on a piece of bubblewrap, spray them with a soapy mixture, roll them up like sushi, do a bit of squeezing (okay, quite a lot of squeezing, pressing and pummeling) and end up with actual fabric. Fabric! How mysteriously good is that?

Reading-wise I've finished Catherine Jinks's The Reformed Vampire Support Group which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's a romp. The misfit characters are wonderful and Nina's long-suffering mother, Estelle, is a joy. I'm compiling a list of young adult vampire books - or, rather, attempting to read a number of young adult vampire books while compiling a list - to counteract the whole Stephanie Meyer phenomenon. Suggestions welcome, please!


Kathleen Jones said...

Hi Catty - have just posted you a copy of my new poetry collection. Hope it gets to you eventually! Incidentally I love silverbeet - the Italians boil it, strain and cool it and then cook it in olive oil with garlic, finally sprinkled with parmesan or pecorino cheese - and sometimes with pan roasted (balsamic + olive oil) tomatoes. Delicious.

Cattyrox said...

Oh, thanks Kathleen - I look forward to receiving it. I love silverbeet, too - there's a great pie recipe from an Australian chef, Stephanie Alexander - the pie crust is very very thin and it's simply silverbeet with fetta, garlic and onion. My mother's garden is going to be full of silverbeet this summer, so I'm looking forward to compiling many silverbeet dishes.