Friday, January 13, 2012


Read a little of India Flint's new book the other day. She has a chapter devoted to recycling clothes - mending, turning them into something else, adding to or subtracting from them - and that made me think of recycling writing. Today, look at an old piece of writing that you discarded. Is there anything in it you'd like to now keep? Recycle it. Mend it. Add to it. Subtract from it. Turn it into something new.

Gorgeous book, by the way. Full of beautiful shots of Flint's work, including a wedding gown that was made with fabric scraps of the bride's life, and a great philosophy of clothing-as-sustainable-art. I don't think I could reduce my travel wardrobe to the items that Flint lists, but I do love her words on 'gentle stitching' and her hand-made approach to clothing.

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Dumpster Dude said...

A must read for all!!