Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Look at something different!

Today I went to the NGV Ian Potter gallery and saw the Linda Jackson, Bush Couture exhibition. Beautiful colours, textures and some quite simple, but monumental shapes, informed a lot of the work. After that, I went to a photographic Meet Up and saw some diverse and inspiring photographs. I didn't come home, sit down and write about any of this straight away, but when I do something like this, that breaks up my week and takes me away from ordinary chores,  I'm reminded again how we need to recharge and challenge our creative selves.

This week, recharge and challenge - take yourself (and your writing) somewhere different. Find inspiration in different art forms. If you really can't go anywhere, listen to something different, borrow a different book or dvd from the library. Don't worry if it doesn't lead immediately to anything new in your writing, just trust the process.

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