Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No wonder I feel grey!

It's a pretty grim situation out there.

I have a fallback plan - swim teaching!

Seriously - with TAFE student numbers falling, book sales for mid-list writers dropping, I - and others - may have to make serious career adjustments. I'm not good in hospitality - and anyway, I'm the wrong age to get good tips. I may as well utilise my teaching skills, spend some time with children (and, possibly, get ideas for stories) and get free gym membership as well!

It's Plan B.


Jo said...

Thanks for the link, Catty. As someone once wrote in The Australian Author, years ago, 'If you think mid-list sounds okay, remember the next step down is the bargain bin.'

Jo said...

Well, you've really cheered me up, not that on some gut level I didn't know this.

Cattyrox said...

Sorry Jo - but there must be an up-side? I'm already buying self-published e-books in the knitting community. So there will be opportunities, it's just a matter, surely, of finding them?

Cattyrox said...

Oh - and learning a dozen different things to do with lentils!