Monday, July 23, 2012

Tuesday Poem blog - The Cook's Seduction

The Cook’s Seduction

I could do a standard flirt
looking long into your eyes
brushing your hand shoulder thigh
accidentally with a little wanton
gasp and flicker of heat
each fingertip an invitation
to cozy up closer mingle
our breaths and touch
everywhere I could flick
my hair send notes of spice
a fragrant tune of pure
desire I could flash skin
so your eyes had no other place
to look but
I don’t.

I take out the salt fish I brought here.
I grind it into soft paste,
add potato
a fresh egg
green herbs and
onion as sharp as

You’ll lick your salt-kissed fingers
clean, try to thank me
but words snarl and tangle like fishing line
half here half home
memories dissolving on your tongue
you’ll open your arms
wide as the ocean and
I’ll dock there, my love,
in the harbor of ink waves.

© Catherine Bateson, July 2012

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