Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Poem - Sal's Confession

I wasn't even showing 
so there was no reason
for him to put his hand
on my belly as though his cupped palm
was an unfurled ear ready to listen
to the secret life of the little fish
I was growing in my belly's dark.

My spine tightened all the way 
to my hairline. I didn't want him to know.
I didn't want him to think 
another man another time place season
and how many hours days weeks?
I'd have told him - would have had to
and the truth but there was his hand
listening as though it could hear
feel the small heart beating as it floated.

Then he bent his head to my belly 
and began to sing something
hushed and tender
as though what we'd done, he and me
spilled over to this other accidental
being that didn't even belong to him.

I don't cry but water spilled down my face
when he finished and said
in his calm way
that's so she'll know me when she's ready.

Didn't even think to ask him 
how he knew she was a girl.

Welcome to the Tuesday poem! I've skipped a week because last week we had internet issues. However, we're back on track, thank heavens. Disconnectedness made the whole household tetchy! 

So be connected to other Tuesday poets and have a look at the edited guest post and from there, zoom off to other Tuesday poems. 

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