Monday, June 03, 2013

Tuesday Poem - from a work in progress

The electric wires are like disorderly hexagrams against the sky. No calm mountain over river, but a tangle of futures running roughly parallel before looping together on a tree or pole, falling to the ground or hanging perilously close to pedestrian heads. Western pedestrians heads. Sometimes my life feels like that – a raveled knot of humming tension or a stretched trick wire. But then I walk into a room lit-up with Nina singing, ‘Ne me quitte pas’, her voice all French heartbreak. A pink plastic lotus lantern hangs on one wire. My heart is like this. 

Catherine Bateson, May, 2013

This was written after my trip to Vietnam - Hanoi, to be more specific. I loved Vietnam - and I will return, I'm sure. 

Now that you've shared a little of that journey with me, come over to the Tuesday Poem blog by clicking here and share some other journeys.  There's a really interesting poem fragment as the hub poem this week - it's a beautifully imagined list poem by Robin Hyde, a New Zealand poet who died in 1939 and was curated by Janis Freegard. From the hub, you can read other Tuesday poems and thus push your week off to a lyrical beginning. 

Seven days to go - then off to Paris. I still can't quite believe it....I'm hoping to go back to WordPress before then as I think it's a more elegant format but I do need some good spam protection before I return there. I'll keep you posted on how all that goes!


Helen McKinlay said...

I've just been reading a book about Vietnam...Monsoon by Di Morrisey, so can very much relate to this...the electric wires stay in my head when I put it down. Love your comparison with your heart and the pink plastic lotus lantern.

Michelle Elvy said...

I like the quiet of the images and words here. And do you know Brel's original of "Ne me quitte pas" -- still an old favourite of mine (but I grew up with Brel, came to Nina later)... Nice to see this here. And how wonderful that you are off to Paris!