Sunday, January 05, 2014

New knitting - and a picnic!

On New Year's Day, despite the rain, we went on a picnic. Fortunately the rain held off until after we'd eaten. It was a lovely afternoon with great food and coffee later in a cafe. We noted our Aims for 2014, discussed ways of achieving them and I even managed to get The Accountant to agree, in theory, that we might go to New Zealand this year. I have witnesses!

And now - knitting! Nearly one sock down, one to go. This is knitted from Rowan sock yarn and feels absolutely beautiful on.
I also cast on for a scarf, using the lace-weight natural yarn I bought in the Shetlands. I could try for a more ambitious lace pattern, but I like the little scallopy bits and I haven't a huge amount. Sometimes simple patterns are satisfying. And also user-friendly. I like projects I can do while I talk!

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