Saturday, January 25, 2014

The week in things borrowed, knitted, sewn and written....

Books actually read will have an asterix. 

Cooking books:
 Rick Stein's Spain
Poh's Kitchen
Gingerboy Creative Street Food

Poh inspired some banana bread/cake I have made and I have used Rick Stein's book. Have yet to use Gingerboy, but I want to. Now that The Accountant is back and there are more people to cook for, I might check it out more thoroughly.

Books on, or related to, Virginia Woolf:
Virginia Woolf, An Inner Life,   Julia Briggs
The Romantic Moderns, English Writers, Artists and the Imagination from Virginia Woolf to John Piper, Alexandra Harris.
Virginia Woolf Diary, Volume lll
Virginia Wool, A Writer's Life, Lyndall Gordon
Snapshots of Bloomsbury, The Private Lives of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell, Maggie HUmm
Virginia Woolf and Her World, John Lehman
Moments of Being, Autobiographical Writings, Virginia Woolf

So much Virginia Woolf because I am teaching a class on To the Lighthouse at the CAE. Her diary is wonderful - I love reading diaries, particularly those of writers I admire.
Red Mandarin Dress, Qui Xiaolong (not yet read as I thought it might be a little too scary to read while The Accountant was away.)
Pray for Me in Santiago, Theresa Burkhardt-Felder (actually forgot that I had borrowed this! oops - borrowed because Mademoiselle Rouge is going to Spain and walking part of the Camino)
Bitter Greens, Kate Forsyth (which I haven't read yet because I haven't quite finished my own Rapunzel project.)

Unzipped , Nicki Reed * - loved the Melbourne setting and the glimpse into the mysterious world of bike couriers in Melbourne. Who knew they named their bikes?
Mindful Knitting, Tara Jon Manning
Knitting Old School, Stitchy McYarnpants

Knitting update: Rowan sock yarn socks nearly finished. I love them - they are wonderfully soft, fit beautifully and I know they will be a winter staple. Just hard to get super enthusiastic about socks when the weather here was in the 40s the week before last and will no doubt escalate again.

Sewing update: One top made from beautiful mesh - I wore it on Thursday. I'll take a photo and post it tomorrow. The kaftan pattern was easy to use and although it's a slightly different top to the one I envisaged making, it's actually better as I can wear it over stuff, rather than just under stuff.

Writing update: Downloaded Scrivener - like it. Wrote stuff for the Rapunzel project. Started Chapter Seven of the novel. Not a great working week, but not a hopeless one, either. 

Movies seen: Inside Llewelyn Davis and The Wolf of Wall Street. Loved the Coen Brothers' melancholy take on being an artist. Also loved Scorsese's over the top tale of Wall Street. The two worlds couldn't be further apart!

Two King Parrots have come and visited almost every day this week. One perched on the washing we'd left on the deck and Mademoiselle Rouge was worried her work apron would be bird-sullied. I approached it carefully and the bird, head on one side as though he was seriously considering my actions, hopped back a rung, allowing me to slip the apron off the washing horse. They're such lovely birds. We've also had lots of wrens around the bird baths in the hotter weather. I had no idea that I would love birds this much and I've been thinking about when all that started. I think it stems from seeing my first Friar birds. They were so odd and wonderful.

It's interesting that you can walk through a huge part of your life completely unaware that an enduring love for something is going to unfold. So many of the things I do, I have done for most of my life. I've written for most of my life. I learnt to knit when I was, maybe ten? and then again later. I started spinning when I was about fifteen or sixteen. I learnt how to use my mother's old Singer sewing machine when I was about nine and then later did dressmaking at school. But birds - really actively looking at them, noticing them, identifying them and loving them is recent.

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