Sunday, February 09, 2014

The week that was...

The truth is that I hate the heat. I hate it fiercely. Each year I tell myself it is only weather, to accept it -  nay, to embrace it. It is what it is, nothing more.

And that's true. But what is also true is that I passionately hate my reduced energy levels, my lack of determination and commitment and the sheer effort it takes to do anything relatively helpful or useful.

Yesterday, when it was 40, however I did do something useful. Motorbikeboy, who also wields a sword in Swordcraft, had discovered that Lincraft had fake fur on sale. Half price. One gets an automatic extra hit point at Swordcraft for wearing a cloak. Preferably a wolf-type cloak made from a hundred little skinned acrylics. So we drove to Knox where he preceded to purchase 3 metres of one fake fur and (upon my suggestion 'Accessorise!') another metre for a Winter Olympics style hat. I also thought manbag, authentic medieval stubbie holder....

It was surreal on such a hot day, discussing with the extremely helpful (and amused) shop assistant just how to cut fake fur without ending up with baldy bits. (Here I pointed out that a bit of baldy would add authenticity - mangy wolves!)

After an expensive - and unnecessary - dinner out earlier in the week, I decided that I would step up my cooking, despite the heat and at least plan it so that there were quick and easy dinners to put together. I used a slow cooker to make Sherry Chicken on a Bed of Leeks, which I shared out between our house and the mothership's. I've been inspired by reading Molly Wizenberg's A Homemade Life.
which combines candid lifewriting and recipes - a winning writing formula at the moment and one I'm particularly fond of.

Other book news - borrowed from the library:
two books on Virginia Woolf (one class to go)
and More Modern Top-Down Knits. I love the designs in this book so much that I am contemplating buying a copy, despite my frugality drive. Check out the picture knit! There has to be one in my future!
TV watched - Winter Olympic ceremony - what isn't to love about watching snow and ice when it's 40 degrees?  Also the jumpers worn by the Andorran team. So much smarter than the loud USA jumpers, designed by Ralph Lauren.
Also moved ahead a little with the novel - not hugely, but some. Tweaked some online courses in the hope that I might have some sessional tutoring work. I hope I can walk into next week with some of the same happiness displayed by the USA team, despite the jumpers!

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