Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Poem - Bear Cloud

Bear Cloud

We saw it in the sky – a sign.
Some said of abundance,
promising bounty and a long life.
It galloped  towards the horizon
lifting feet too delicate for the
white bulk they carried so swiftly.

We’d seen it before carved into rock
a quiver of crude spears
decorating its hide
and something like it
at the edge of the world
prowling between snow and stars.
Now in clouds, it announces
its own death –
ribbed like a slow ship
lumbering landlocked
or rolling in endless water
beyond reach.

For a moment it hung above us
shadowing the land beneath –
and hunger soured the ghost breath
that knuckled down our spines.
Catherine Bateson© from Poems from the End of the World. 

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Keith Westwater said...

I love the mystery of this poem, it's imagery and internal rhymes. Thanks.