Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Poem

There is nothing quite like a kitchen smelling of fresh bread and nothing quite like the alchemy of sourdough. These are my second lot of baguettes. Sharp-eyed visitors will notice the tea towel on which they rest features kiwis - I bought it in New Zealand when we visited there two years ago.

What poem would best go with a photo of crusty sourdough baguettes? Pablo Neruda's 'Ode to Bread', of course. It was his birthday and Bastille Day this week, so baguettes and 'Ode to Bread' feel like a good fit! I don't wish to break copyright, so read the Ode to Bread here.

When you've made yourself a piece of toast or cut into a fresh loaf, waltz over to the Tuesday poem blog and read this week's featured poem, 'Another Exile Paints a Spring Portrait of Kathleen Mansfield'. This poem, by Riemke Ensing, is brought to you this week by Kathleen Jones. I love the charming and telling details in this poem and the playful annotations in the poem's 'margins'. Just beautiful!

From the hub you can explore other Tuesday poems - and read a poem of mine - here -  which has been posted by Helen McKinlay. Serendipitously, my poem is a kind of ekphrastic poem, too.

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