Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Tuesday Poem has been interrupted

by an impromptu office move. Sorry people - but check out the Tuesday Poem hub here - 'Agnus Dei' - great poem by Marty Smith brought to us all this week by guest editor, Janis Freegard. From the hub, of course, you can freerange other Tuesday poems. Have a lyrical week. I'm moving furniture, conquering bird mites - the usual stuff.

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Ben Hur said...

Thanks, Catherine, you gave me the inspiration for a poem. Yesterday I wrote "Poem Interrupted" 1st Draft. I'll post it when I finish it. Who said "A poem is never finished, just abandoned"? It's true. I look at poems that I've published years ago and see how they could be improved. Although I had a friend in Perth who often reworked his poems SO MUCH that he ended up wringing the vitality out of many of them. When to stop? We struggle with this question.