Sunday, October 05, 2014


A while ago I made myself a promise that Sundays would be pretty much work-free zones of relaxed time. This does not always happen, but mostly I try very hard to clear one day of the weekend from duty work and use it for fun things. Yesterday was Kallista market day and I was determined to start my Christmas shopping. Big fail - but I bought two pottery mugs, organic potatoes and four dwarf tomato plants for the Cornucopia of Plenty (aka the Mothership's garden). Yes, yes, I know you don't plant tomatoes until Melbourne Cup Day. But these went in a big pot. I think they'll be fine.

Then on Saturday night The Accountant and I went out to dinner at the Wild Oak to celebrate his birthday. I won't reveal the number, but he has been eligible for all things Senior for the last little while. Dinner was delicious - the best risotto! Actually, everything was really good and it was a delight. As a full disclaimer I should say that we were mainly waited on by Mlle Marron (aka Mlle Rouge, when she still had vibrant red hair). It is always interesting to witness your children in their work situations. But this was a real win/win as she knew the menu and our tastes and what she thought we should try.

Today Mlle Marron and I went to Camberwell Market, arriving a scant hour before they shut down trading. Nonetheless, I managed to buy quite a bit of lovely stuff before the traders packed their suitcases up. Chief among the bargains were these little Denby handled ramekins or egg shirrers.

They are from two separate patterns - the popular 'Greenwheat' by Albert Colledge and the other is 'Spring', a design by Glyn Colledge. Quite lovely. I was chuffed.

I also baked bread - two baguettes and a small rectangular loaf. I have a feeling I oiled only one side of my double-baguette pan as one stuck badly and had to be forced out with a plastic lettuce knife. Not the idea way to handle bread - although I'm glad I thought of the lettuce knife and didn't resort to steelier solutions!

It feels good to have been away from the desk for most of this weekend and I can welcome the week ahead with sincerity.

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