Thursday, January 29, 2015

The joy of homemade

This year I'm making all the clothes that I can, rather than buying them. My aim is to make something to wear - either for me, or for someone else - once a fortnight. I love making things. I love fabric, texture and colour. I love bargains - who doesn't? - and when I can make a tube skirt with bright, eye-popping turquoise spots for $3.00 I am extremely happy.

So far this year I have made the aforementioned skirt, a pair of palazzo pants, a pair of striped leggings, a turquoise sleeveless linen shirt and a small kimono/throw over in weird, but nice mesh-y material. I'm waiting for cooler weather to wear the leggings, the perfect cardigan to wear with the linen shirt, and to tidy the ends of the kimono thinggy, but the palazzo pants and the skirt have had numerous outings. We're quite blessed in Melbourne with great fabric stores. Both the pants and the skirt were from the Cleggs remnant sale - an event that happens twice a year.

Skirt, with handmade shawl.

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Anonymous said...

My dress next!